Gluten Free

This site is under construction but with a Coeliac in the family we are researching this disorder and gathering all we can about the required diet. This will be recorded here as it has been a rather daunting change to eliminate well loved foods from a diet and find food suitable to eat and enjoy. Along the way mistakes have been made because we did not realise that additives to sauces were also a consideration. As well as 'contamination' of foods by cooking in oils that may be contaminated with bread crumbs or cutting boards that have been used for preparing food that contained gluten and not been washed. We are becoming astute at reading labels and collecting recipes and locating outlets that supply gluten free bread and products. So we have gone back to basics and these are some recipes below we have put together. I think it is a good idea to start growing fresh herbs and we have started with thyme, coriander, parsley, oregano and marjoram with rosemary on the list to plant.

Disclaimer - Below is a link to some of the recipes that we have found suitable but anyone with coeliac disease or other eating disorder should check with their doctor or medical advisor to ensure these recipes are suitable for them if they are unsure. No responsibility is taken that these recipes are suitable for coeliacs or any other eating disorders.

Weight Loss Carbs

 The dietician, Joanne on the Today show discussed 'Resistance Starch' and carbohydrates that are good for weight loss and low in GI. As she said people do love their carbs. I know I do and this is good news for me and I am sure heaps of people conscious of keeping their weight under control or trying to shed some kilo’s. From searching on the internet this idea is not new but new to me. So below is the gist of what I learnt. Potatoes cooked and cooled and eaten the next day in a potato salad for example are lower in GI. The cooling process changes the carbohydrates into a resistance starch lowering the GI. A suggestion for the dressing for the potato salad (keeping it healthy) was mixing some olive oil with natural yoghurt and other vegetables. It does sound nice but I am yet to try it. The same cooling process it was said applied to Rice so even though sushi has white rice it is served cold and therefore contains resistance starch. This resistance starch gives you good gut health slows down the absorption from he gut and gives sustained energy and lowers the blood sugar levels. Other carbs. Mentioned where: Beans. Mix with Tuna or Chicken, Salad or use in soup. Bananas Barley So now a spud or two is okay but of course, all in moderation.

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